Christian Mediations

Christian Mediator for Dispute Resolution

Michael Chulak is available to provide Christian Mediation Services
for resolving all types of disputes including but not limited to the following:

• Divorce

• Contracts

• Construction

• Real Estate

• Homeowner Associations

• Division of Property

Disputes Between

• Husband and Wife

• Church Members

• Buyers and Sellers

• Neighbors

• Property Co-owners

• Contractors

• Parents and Children

• Partners

• Siblings

• Employers and Employees

• Agent and Principal

• Owners and Contractors

• Health Care Provider and Patient

Mediation is a fast, confidential, and economical way to settle most disputes. It is a process by which parties submit their dispute to an informed neutral party (the mediator) who works with them to reach a settlement. Mediation is a non-adversarial process where the parties are not required to prove their case. Mediation services are not limited to Christians.


There will be no charge for the initiation consultation.

Michael Chulak


$200 per hour fee is divided between the parties.
Save for future reference or pass on to a friend.

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