Serving a Request for Resolution

Any party to a dispute in a homeowner association may initiate the ADR process (mediation or arbitration) by serving on the other party to the dispute a Request for Resolution. A Request for Resolution must include all of the following:

  • A brief description of the dispute between the parties;
  • A request for alternative dispute resolution (mediation or arbitration);
  • A notice that the party receiving the Request for Resolution is required to respond within 30 days of receipt or the request will be deemed rejected; and
  • If the party on whom the request is served is a member of the association, a copy of Civil Code sections 5925 through 5965.

Service of the Request for Resolution shall be by personal delivery, first-class mail, express mail, facsimile transmission, or other means reasonably calculated to provide the party on whom the request is served actual notice of the request.


Request for Resolution Form

Michael Chulak